Or one will be forced to reborn in the lower realms of existence such as animals,hungry ghosts,or hells.
Do Not Kill:
One must not deliberately kill any living creature either by committing the act oneself,
instructing others to kill, or approving of or participating in acts of killing. Those who wish
to completely separate from the activity of killing, in even an indirect way, eat only pure
vegetarian food.

Do Not Steal:
From such valuable items as gold and silver, and even extending to such small items
as a needle or a blade of grass, if something is not given, one may not take it.

Do Not Engage In Sexual Misconduct:
One may not have sexual contact with someone other than one's lawful husband or wife.
Promiscuous sex, or deviant sex, such as homosexuality and sexual activity with animals,
plants the seeds which lead to rebirth in the lower realms of existence.

Do Not Engage In False Speech:
In general, there are four kinds of false speech: lying irresponsible speech such as
gossip and talk which arouses one's emotions, abusive speech such as harshly berathing
others, and double-tongued speech which causes dissention and discord amongst people.

Do Not Take Intoxicants:
One may not take alcohol, drugs, or smoke cigarettes. All of these confuse one's spirit,
and cause one to be stupid in future lives.

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